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Friday, October 14, 2011

Steve Jobs and IBM -- Jagan and Congress

27 years back, "Steve Jobs" was an young man (like Jagan) who openly challenged IBM (Congress), the then monster. Now, we all witness the victory of brave. It's a "David and Goliath" again and again ...


kalyankar s said...


Anonymous said...

But Jagan is not David and never wins. David challenged and worked hard to achieve his challenge, but Jagan looted AP and he is going to invest the looted amount in politics. Please dont compare such rogue with great people like David.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous please shut your pie hole....do not comment without proofs. and the most important is that dont be jealous of jagan. Instead of commenting can you suggest any other person who is better than jagan to lead the state?? naidu is a proven state looter. If you can accept that a 1.5 acre milkman can earn 10000 crores + benami, then why cant you accept a landlord like jagan who had thousands of acres to earn his fortune?


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