Tuesday, July 22, 2014

American Citizen Margaret Elizabeth Arrested in Chennai For Spying?

Margaret Elizabeth (26), an American citizen, was made arrest by the officials of Chennai Airport on Sunday night at about 9.30. While the vigilance officials were on their routine checking of the passengers who were about to travel by Jet Airways from Chennai to Delhi, they found Margaret in possession of a satellite phone. During the checking, the officials found a satellite phone hidden inside her handbag. As per rules, satellite phones are used only by the defence forces of any nation. A ban is imposed on the use of satellite phones by the common public. In view of this, she was held by the officials.       

The said American is in India on a tourist Visa and staying at a star hotel in Chennai. She arrived in Chennai on July 18. She has recently visited Tirupathi. During the primary investigations, it was revealed that she has been working as a faculty at a University in Chicago and has brought the phone along with her. However, if it was the case, why didn’t the officials see the phone, when she arrived at the Airport in Chennai?

Also, the woman was allegedly giving irrelevant answers. She has been suspected as a spy of the U.S. The officials have been investigating whether she has passed some information to any agency. This issue has been viewed seriously by the officials concerned.

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