Monday, October 11, 2010

Jagan Funding Gaddar!

The new Telangana front in the leadership of Gaddar is causing shivers to KCR and family. Gaddar is going to put an end to autocratic nature and hold of KCR in the coming days. Gaddar has been receiving unanimous support from all sections of people, not surprisingly from Andhra region too. Some of Andhra people and corporate are ready to fund Gaddar as they fed up with KCR trickle minded nature and he is no more useful for people of Telangana. With recent statement by Kodna Surekha, Gaddar will get support from Jagan in terms of media coverage and monetary terms too. However, it is not a great deal for Jagan to fund Gaddar as he spending 2-3 crore every day for Odarpu Yatra. Surekha wants to take revenge on KCR for Mahaboobabad incidents to restrain Jagan for entering Warangal. As per reliable sources, Konda Murali and Devulapalli Amar have contacted Gaddar for extending their assistance to take on KCR. With this new front she thinks Gaddar will give respect to democratic process in the region as KCR has completely violated democracy with insecurity about his political future and business empire.

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