Monday, October 04, 2010

Ramoji to Ditch ChandraBabu?

After having supported Chandrababu Naidu in backstabbing N T Rama Rao and also during the second elections to become the chief minister, it is now heard that the media baron Ramoji Rao has begun to distance himself. The buzz is that Ramoji has realized that he doesn’t want to be part of a sinking ship and spending some more time is scaring Ramoji that even he will also sink. It is heard that protecting the heart of his business ‘Ramoji Film City’ which is based in Hyderabad has become Ramoji’s concern. In this process, it is learnt that he feels KCR is more useful than CBN. That is why though he has been supporting Chandrababu in many aspects, whenever the issue of ‘CBN vs KCR’ is happening, Ramoji is reportedly showing inclination towards KCR. Due to this, Babu is said to be leaning on ‘Andhra Jyothi’ for support. In between, there was a strong grapevine that Babu had bought Andhra Jyothi and immediately, the newspaper’s head Radhakrishna gave a long essay denying it. Currently, Eenadu holds the first place in print media in circulation while Sakshi holds the second place. With few ‘special’ reasons causing Eenadu to keep distance and knowing that ‘Sakshi’ will not come to his assistance, Babu is feeling the need to support Andhra Jyothi which is in the third place. Sources say that he has influenced his followers to pump heavy investments into Andhra Jyothi. Recently, when Gaddar announced his ‘Praja Front’ party, it came in Eenadu in a remote corner of the newspaper but in Andhra Jyothi, it came in bold letters and that too as a headline in the front page. A reliable person like Gaddar wanting Telangana and arranging a special party has not been given importance in Eenadu which shows the secret understanding between Ramoji and KCR. Looking at the following situations, it looks like the honeymoon between Ramoji and Chandrababu seems to have come to an end. . .

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