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Gandhi family has been established as the system in India for a long time. The CBI, the Court System, the Election Commission, and all other institutions are filled with men and women that are proxy to Gandhi family. In fact, it has become an“establishment” by itself. None would dare to go against this establishment, but have to tow their line, even if there was ever some resistance initially! There were several bigwigs that went against this establishment and were so humiliated that they were forced to come back or, lie and die quietly. Latest of those are Sharad Pawar, AK Sangma, Mohammad Tarif, and Mulayam Singh Yadav, to name a few. They all fought with Sonia Gandhi briefly and waved white flags. Fighting against Gandhi family and their established system has become the most treacherous task in India, and near impossible to win against. But, one young man, despite several suggestions and pleadingsby his well-wishers wanted to follow his own path breaking ways, betting his career, future, and life in the process. People of the State recognized his heroic struggle and mostly have been supportive of him. He needs no introduction. He is YS Jaganmohan Reddy, popularly known as Jagan. He is so unshakable that the nation is looking at him with amazement. He has become such a hope for several leaders across the country that they will follow his footsteps in going against the establishment if he continues to be successful. 

This is the main reason why the establishment is scared now and is forced to keep him in jail, split the State of Andhra Pradesh, and commit many more immoral acts in the process that we have never seen or heard in the past like colluding with the main opposition party, Telugu Desam. Jagan, with his own overwhelming charisma, unshakable faith, unwavering commitment, unflinching dare, with blessings from his late father, YS Rajasekhara Reddy, and an army of supporters is poised to sweep the coming elections in the State of Andhra Pradesh. He is gearing up to play a huge role at the Centre with more than 25 MP seats YSR Congress Party is going to win in the next General Elections. The whole world of politics of the Staterevolves around this one man Jagan now.Like him or hate him! His name is the most searched in Google among the people of the State. Most of the media talk is about him, either good or bad. Most of the political talk is about him, either good or bad. But, most of the people like him and support him, as the Nielsen’s latest survey indicates 60% support for Jagan across Seemandhra. 

What are the reasons for this phenomenon? Jagan was jailed as he was touching every heart and soul on his Odarpu Yaatra. But, even after 16 months in jail, why is that people support him more now? Is it because people believe in his innocence? Is it because people feel gratitude for his father’s service to the poor? Is it because he is seen as the only one with credibility? Is it because other politicians, including the main opposition leader Chandrababu either lack credibility and, or seen as succumbing to the Sonia establishment, or both? Is it because the people see the unbending attitude and heroic struggle against theyellow media, TDP and Chandrababu, and the establishment and Sonia Gandhi? Is it because people trust him to deliver good governance? Most political observers believe that its part or full of all of the above.Everyone knows that the rise of Jagan is the main reason for the bifurcation of the State, as the establishment sought to weaken him by relegating him to one area of the state. Jagan is a very smart man, thinks hard and long, commits and never goes back. The idea to start own political party came from the humiliating experiences meted out to him by the establishment. It wanted to corner him after the death of Dr. YSR. The overwhelming approval of people of Kadapa was the boost he needed, and then there is no turning back in his fight against the establishment. There was always one rumor or other, spread by opponents that YSRCP will have an understanding with either Congress or BJP, to which he always replied negative. The same TDP that always accused YSRCP of these so called alliances is trying to have alliance with the same religiously intolerant BJP now! Jagan always did what was right for the people, not necessarily for him. 

How else can anyone explain his jailing for this extended period? It’s not like he did not anticipate it. He knew fully well, either he estimated the fury of the establishment, or he was warned by people close to the establishment. He did not flinch, and made it clear to all his supporters that there would be hardship till the party prevails in the next General Election and asked them to be prepared mentally if they chose to follow him. It puzzles both the Sonia establishment in Delhiand the yellow establishment in the State to no limits that how would all their meticulousplans goneso wrong. Jagan in jail has provided better leadership to YSRCP than Chandrababu outside to TDP, and all the Congress leaders to Congress. Jagan deputized his sister, Sharmila to lead YSRCP in his absence and boy did she lead. She started as an arrow launched by Jagan and became a cannon herself that would destroy the forts of the opposition! She has become the one of the most popular leader of the State, second only to her brother. Sharmila has become the natural choice to lead the party into the next General Elections, just in case Chandrababu would be able to twist the establishment to entertain the thoughts of prolonging the illegal confinement of Jagan. In fact, Sharmila’s emergence has pushed the establishment to a corner, so they have no choice but to release Jagan from illegal confinement. But, Chandrababu is so scared and shivering at the eventuality of Jagan coming into public so much so that there is no door that he has not knocked in Delhi! 

People of Andhra Pradesh are stunned at the viciousness he is showing on Jagan and making bifurcation of the State so unimportant compared to Jagan’s bail. Alas, had he spent all this time fighting for the people and their issues, instead of Jagan he might have had better chances of securing some deposits for TDP! Congress is wiped out along with TDP in the Seemandhra area. The opportunistic BJP/TDP alliance would result in zero MP seats for both of them as zero plus zero would be zero. Chandrababu does not have to worry about losing credibility in associating with BJP again, as he does not have any in the first place! If ever there existed a leader with zero credibility in the whole world, it would have to be Chandrababu! Jagan has proved himself to be very powerful mind. The mental fortitude and unshakable spirit that he showed in the past four years is unbelievable. The unwavering spirit Jagan has shown in fighting the establishment has won him many hearts. His impending success in 2014 would usher a new wave of leadership that would not bow to the Delhi establishment. Jagan is blazing a new trail and the nation would be grateful eventually! Jagan is the most unshakable force in Indian politics today!

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