Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Andhra Pradesh Student Patapati Saichand Ends Life In Canada

Patapati Saichand, a 27 year old, graduate student committed suicide on 18/June/2014. He completed his B.E in India and was pursuing his Masters at the Lambton College of Business Management in Toronto, Canada. 

He came to Canada on August 31st 2012 and his wife joined him on October 10th,2013. Saichand was on track to graduate this past Saturday but unfortunately ended his life just a day before on Friday night. According to his family he had no known issues, except he was concerned about getting a job upon graduation. He was allegedly duped by a consultancy run by an Indian, which took Rs 3 lakh from him promising a job. 

He is survived by his elder brother Chandra Mohan and parents Lakshmi Narayana and Maha Lakshmi. Saichand hails from a working middle-class agricultural family of Mallavarappadu village, Prakasam district. The family is currently not doing well as they have already spent their life savings on his education and sending him to Canada. Since repatriation is a very expensive process, they have requested TANA to assist financially and logistically.

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