Thursday, February 05, 2015

ICICI Chittoor Employee Alekhya Dupes Customers, Caught While Fleeing Country

Acting on tip off, Chittoor police on Wednesday arrested a woman employee of a private finance company  who duped customers to a tune of Rs 31 lakhs.
Alekhya, 24, who is working as an accountant in ICICI prudential a finance company, collected premium amounts from customers and deposited the same in her parent's accounts through online transaction. 

Alekhya's parents - Venkateshwara Rao and Rajya Lakshmi'  used to withdraw money from banks on the same day the amount was deposited. On a whole they withdrew Rs 31 lakhs. Alekhya has recently resigned from the bank on January 19.  ICICI management, which came to know of the fraud only on January 23, has  requested Nellore banks to freeze her parents' account.

So far, the bank management could only recover only  Rs 2 lakhs from Alekhya's parents accounts. 

Branch manager Sridhar lodged a complaint regarding the issue in Chittoor two town police station. CI Suryamohan Rao arrested Alekyha and her parents on Wednesday morning in Nellore.

It has also come to light that Alekhya's parents had pplied for passports in order to settle in Canada. The couple were arrested only due to the delay in getting their passports.

The Chittoor Police was in time to stop a fraud from fleeing the country after they learnt that she had duped customers to the tune of Rs 31 lakhs.

The accused Alekhya is a 24-year-old employee of ICICI Prudential. She would apparently collect premium amounts from customers and instead of depositing the same in their accounts, would transfer the same into her parent's account. Her parents Venkateshwara Rao and Rajya Lakshmi would however take out the deposited money to hide it. Alekha and her parents had made a master plan to flee the country with the money and had even applied for passports. She had recently even quit her job. Acting on a tip off, the police arrested Alekhya and her parents from Nellore. The culprits are now in custody.

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