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Temper Movie Review

RATING:3.25 / 5


Daya (NTR), a corrupt-criminal minded-cunning Sub-Inspector of Police, gets transferred to the city of Vizag by Minister (Jayaprakash Reddy) as per the directions of Gangster Valteru Vasu (Prakash Raj). The only agenda on his mind is to make quick bucks until a horrifying incident changes his life forever. What was that? Grab the tickets of 'Temper' to know more!

Artists Performance:

NTR: What should we call this Supremely Talented Person - A Born Artiste or A Complete Actor? Tarak has just nailed it! Be it the body language, mannerisms, dialogue delivery, diction and intense performance, He reinvents himself much to the delight of movie buffs and walks away with the top honours. Special mention for highly impressive Makeover and clap-worthy Dance Moves.

Kajal: She does a decent job playing the role of an Animal Lover. However, She isn't looking at her best in few portions, love track wasn't etched well and Casting Kovai Sarala as her Mom is the worst thing to happen.

Prakash Raj is too good in the role of a baddie and his conversations with Tarak are really funny. Posani plays the vital role of a 'Honest' Police Constable working under a 'Corrupt' SI and he is an asset to the movie. Tanikella Bharani gives a matured performance. Jayaprakash Reddy evokes few laughs with his trademark comic timing. Ali and Saptagiri are just about okay. Rama Prabha and Others have done justice to their roles.

Plus Points:

- NTR's Makeover, Intense Performance & Dances

- Posani's Characterization & Salute scene

- Oneliners

- Climax Twist

- Emotionally charged Second Half

Minus Points:

- NTR-Kajal love track

- Devudaa song placement


Puri Jagannath is a filmmaker with good track record of delivering money spinners on most occasions when teamed up with Star Heroes. Vakkantham Vamsi, on the other hand, is known for the highly productive twists & turns in his commercially viable subjects. When these two A-Listers join hands for a film starring NTR, Expectations grow by leaps & bounds, and the end result everyone would like to see is nothing short of a Blockbuster. Has ‘Temper’ met the hype around it? Yes, It actually did! Tarak travels in the path that most Star Heroes fear to travel and gives a riveting performance.

Songs by Anup Rubens will go down well with Youth & Masses. Its actually Tarak’s graceful & fast-paced dance moves which make them work. Background Score by Manisharma is impressive. Shyam K Naidu's Cinematography is topnotch. Oneliners pack a punch, especially ‘Naa Peru Daya...Naaku Lenidhe Adhi’, ‘Neeku Ego Lopale Untundemo...Naaku Naa Chuttu WiFi La Untundi’ hits the right chord with the audience. Editing is sharp. Production Values of Parameshwara Arts are rich.

Interesting Characterizations, Promising Dialogues, NTR-Posani & NTR-Prakash Raj combo scenes, Unexpected Twist in Climax and High Emotional Quotient in Second Half work in the favour of 'Temper'. Watch 'Temper' to know what's the impact is going to be when one of the finest actors of Telugu Cinema delivers his best. Its actually Tarak’s One Man Show! There is absolutely no chance of anyone giving thumbs down to ‘Temper’ after enjoying Daya’s dandayatra on the big screen.

Box Office: Massive Release & Good Pre-Release Buzz helps 'Temper' rewrite few Opening Records of TFI. It would surely be one among the All Time Top 3 Day 1 earners and has got the potential to become Tarak’s biggest grosser till date (Rs 50 crore-plus).

Verdict: NTR’s Dandayatra on Box Office!

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