Friday, October 09, 2009

YSR CONGRESS,,, Hello Brothers, hi........... My Strongly Suggestion or advise to Jagan is to become CM for 10 Years is to split the party with 152 MLAs and 20 to 25 MPs. Cong was already dead for 5 years ago.Right now there is only YSR Congress in A.P. Now Jagan is not splitting cong,he is just renaming YSR Cong with 152 MLAs and 3 from PRP and 2 from TDP and 20 zps and 80% Muncipalities. In the future election parties positions like this order 1.YSR Congress(Reddies+Muslims+SCs+Brahmins+YSR Benificiers from all castes) 2.TDP(Kamma+Gouda+Koppu Velama) 3.PRP(Kapu+some Bc) 4.cpm and cpi 5.Indian National Cong(Like Thamil Nadu) Note:The People who supports YSR,the same people will support Jagan too............. Thanks Karthik Reddy Medagam ...................

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