Wednesday, June 15, 2011

manaYCP team gathered in heavy rain (Mumbai)

YSR is the only Telugu whose name would be remembered for ever. Look at the below image to see how strong people are willing to bring back his legacy.
manaYCP team members gathered in Mumbai to discuss about a mega event like in Pune and to prepare the future course of action.

6 Comment :

Raghu said...

Xslnt efforts guys

HK said...

Anna well done good efforts jai jagan anna jayaho YSR

Shiva said...

Mee team keka anna

LEADER said...

Truely showing the YSR Legacy

manaYCP said...

Thank you all for the support and wishes. manaYCP will work with more energy with such encouragement. Please write to manaYCP@gmail.com to join the movement.


Vinod said...

Anna good work, mana jagan anna kosam enta cesina takkuve anna jagan anna c.m kavali


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