Sunday, February 26, 2012

HELP . . .!

Friends plz help mr mohan .. UR LITTLE MONEY CAN SAVE His LIFE ......... He was an active member in ysrcp , residing at H.no: 6-26, Raidarga, Serilingampally, Hyderabad .. HELP THIS POOR FAMILY.......N.MOHAN 29 YEARS B.COM GRADUATE FROM HYDERABAD, HIS 2 KIDNEYS WAS FAILURE , HIS MOTHER WHO SUPPOSE TO GIVE HIM 1 KIDNEY MET WITH ACCIDENT RECENTLY, requesting you to help him in getting Kidney Transplantation. He have been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease at stage 5(where the function of both the kidneys have fallen below 10%) on December 25th and since then have been under medical treatment i.e. dialysis. They are financially poor and unable to bear the expenses. Fortunately his Mother’s Kidney matches for the transplantation. It was our Unfortunate thing that his Mother met with an accident on 14th of February. She got minor injuries on head and her left LEG has got fractured and she needs few weeks/months time to get back to normal health and his operation has got postponed. The approximate cost of the pre & post transplantation and medication expenses is 6-7 lakhs INR. ALL DONARS CAN DEPOSIT HIS MOTHER ACCOUNT , N. Manemma – AC/NO 52205407994, branch code 20540 – SBH, Raidurg – Hyd.08. Donars can contact Nemuri Naveen Goud : +91 9951009098 ..

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Anonymous said...

My request is this site viewers are limited you better to intimate this to sakshi tv for a live program with N.Mohan, this is very helpful to mohan,
dear admin please you do this job


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