Monday, February 27, 2012

The Sun Rise / Son Rise —— A Short Story.

Once upon a time in the state of A.P. There lived a Legend and under his rule prospered the state Soon after his death Love and affection fell apart and hatred spread With no time to recover from his fathers death

The Son set upon a mission To conquer the hearts of the millions who worship his father To bring back peace and happiness on their faces Travelling through the dusty roads which his father once tread In dawn and dusk In scorching sun and pouring rain

His fathers friends and party betraying him His fathers foes and their media hunting him like dogs and vultures He never looked back And travels on with a daring attitude inherited from his father The day is not far away when the Mission shall be accomplished

When millions of people will smile again To see the the true son of Indian soil rising to the occasion The Sunshine / Son shine will bring back prosperity to the state An inspiration for generations to come

The Legend is YSR and the Son needs no introduction

Your's NLR

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Anonymous said...

Excellent NLR garu keep it up


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