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illegal intimacy: Gruesome and Clueless Supari Murder Case of Musheerabad Detected

  • Wife And Four Hired Killers Held – Supari Amount Seized
The Musheerabad Police of Chikkadpally Division, Central Zone worked out clues and solved the murder mystery of Susheel Chakravarthy, who was killed prior to December 27, .2014 in the premises of his house bearing No. 1-1-534, 1st Floor, Bakaram, Gandhi Nagar in the limits of Musheerabad Police Station.

On December 27, 2014 at about 1230 hrs. the dead body of the deceased Marishetty Susheel Chakravarthy was found lying near cot in the bed room of his house at Bakaram, Gandhi Nagar in a pool of blood with multiple injuries with an iron scissors gagged in his mouth, in a highly decomposed condition.
On a complaint of Sri. Marishetty Chandrasekhar, the paternal uncle of the deceased, a case in Cr.No. 452/2014 u/s 302 IPC has been registered, and investigation taken up by Sri B. Mohan Kumar, Inspector of Police, Musheerabad PS.

Accused A-1 Smt. Marishetty Kusuma Kumari is the wife of the deceased. She married him in the year 1996 and blessed with 2-male kids. She stayed with her husband for some period and subsequently about 2-years back i.e. in the month of April, 2012 she started living separately in the house of her parents along with her children at Moula Ali and developed illegal intimacy with Naresh Kumar (A-2). She hatched a plan to eliminate her husband to grab his properties. A-2 Lanka Naresh Kumar @ Babloo is a native of Mangalgiri Mandal of Guntur District. He is a graduate in B.Tech, and searching for the job. He resided in the house of the deceased at Narayana Enclave as a tenant for some period and developed illegal intimacy with A-1. A-3 Voriganti Balraj, A-4 Poosala Raju and A-5 Shaik Ghouse are the residents of Mallapur, Hyderabad. They are all hired assassins, hired by A-2 as per the plan of A-1 to execute the murder of her husband by taking Supari amount of Rs. 2,00,000/-.

On December 16. 2014, Smt. Kusuma Kumari (A-1) wife of the deceased and Lanka Suresh Kumar (A-2) met in a rented room at Moula Ali and A-1 hatched a plan to eliminate her husband and explained the plan to A-2 with a promise to help him financially and requested him to engage hired assassins. On December 17. 2014, A-2 met with the Poosa Raju (A-4) and Shaik Ghouse (A-5) accidentally, while enquiring with them about the professional killers who execute the murders by taking Supari. They expressed their willingness and agreed to help him in executing the murder of the deceased for a Supari of Rs. 2,00,000/-. On 18.12.2014, Lanka Naresh Kumar (A-2) and Raju (A-4) came on a motor cycle to the house of the deceased to conduct recce of the area and to identify the deceased and left the place after recce.
On December 19, 2014, A-2 met with Voriganti Balraj (A-3) at his house and explained his plan and he demanded him to pay Supari amount of Rs..2,00,000/- for executing the murder of the deceased. A-2 agreed for the same. On 20.12.2014 at about 1000 hrs. A-2 to A-5 assembled at Noma Kalyana Mandapam, Mallapur, A-3 to A-5 hired a passenger auto and came to Golconda Cross Roads i.e. at the house of the deceased while A-2 came on his Hero Honda Passion Plus bearing No. AP 07 S 9675. Having arrived at the house of the deceased, A-3, A-4 and A-5 went to the apartment of the deceased and enquired with the watchman and Washerman about the deceased. They had search for the deceased and found that the deceased was not present. They went to Majestic Bar and Restaurant, RTC Cross Roads, took a room on rent and consumed liquor.
Before going to the Hotel, A-2 and A-4 went to Narayanguda and purchased a Screw Driver and Hammer for executing the murder of the deceased. After lunch and having drinks at about 1400 hrs they again went to the house of the deceased. While A-3 to A-5 entered in the apartment of the deceased by breaking open the locks of the main door, concealed themselves inside the house waiting for the arrival of the target, after duly locking the door from outside. At about 1600 hrs A-4 and A-5 came out of the house while A-3 remained inside. After that A-2 entered into the house and joined A-3 and concealed in the house. During their stay in the house, A-2 contacted A-1 on her cell phone informing about the non-availability of the deceased in the house and enquired whether they can postpone the execution of murder. On that, she instructed them to stay there till the execution of murder of the deceased.
A-4 and A-5 were waiting outside the house for the arrival of the deceased and to give signal to A-2 and A-3 about the arrival of the deceased.
At about 1730 hrs the deceased came and entered into the house. As soon as he enters in his house, A-4 bolted the door from outside, while A-5 stood at the stairs to watch and prevent the entry of other people. As soon as the deceased enters in the room, A-2 and A-3 pounced on him and pushed the deceased on the floor, A-3 caught hold the deceased and attacked him with a screw driver and inflicted multiple injuries on his throat. A-2 smashed his head with hammer. Later, A-3 took out a scissors from the house of the deceased and stabbed him indiscriminately in his mouth and after confirming his death, A-2 and A-3 changed their clothes and all of them escaped from the spot.
Musheerabad Police worked out clues and examined CC footage from the CC Cameras installed in the entire area and identified the motor cycle with A-2 & A-4 traveling on it and with sustained efforts, identity of A-2 was established, leading to the detection of the case and apprehension of all the accused persons. Police recovered a Bike, Mobile Phone, blood stained clothes, hammer and screw driver which were used in the offence and also Rs. 20,000/- supari amount were recovered from the accused.
The above arrests were made under the supervision of Sri. V.B. Kamalasan Reddy, IPS, Dy. Commr. of Police, Central Zone, Sri. M. Ram Mohan Rao, Addl. Dy. Commr. of Police, Central Zone, Sri. J. Narsaiah, Asst. Commr. of Police, Chikkadpally Division and Inspr. of Police Sri B. Mohan Kumar of Musheerabad P.S. and Sri. Haseebullah, Addl. Inspr. of Police, Musheerabad P.S. with the assistance of Sri. P.V. Rama Prasad, SI, Musheerabad P.S. and staff.

1. Smt. Marishetty Jayaraja Kusuma Kumari w/o Marishetty Susheel Chakravarthy, 40-years, Housewife, Vysya r/o H.No. Flat No. 301, 3rd Floor, Ambika Apartments, Moula Ali, Hyderabad (Wife of the deceased and main conspirator)
2. Lanka Naresh Kumar @ Babloo s/o Lanka Subhash Chandra Bose, aged about 26-years, Student r/o H.No. 3-5-246/3A, Plot No. 62, Road No. 6, Krishna Nagar, Moula-Ali, Hyderabad Permanently r/o H.No. 1-138, Krishnaya Palem village, Mangalgiri Mandal, Guntur District
3. Voriganti Balraj s/o Voriganti Balaiah (Late), 24-years, Goud, Private Employee r/o H.No. C/3-1-196, opposite Noma Kalyana Mandapam, Old Mallapur, Hyderabad
4. Poosala Raju s/o Poosala Sathaiah (Late), aged about 22-years, Yadav, Labour r/o H.No. 3-1-6/40/2/48, Burmapuri Colony, Mallapur, Hyderabad
5. Shaik Ghouse s/o Shaik Chand (Late), 30-years, Muslim, Labour r/o H.No. 3-4-165, Lingamaiah Colony, near Govt. School, Jana Priya Bus Stop, Mallapur, Hyderabad

Marishetty Susheel Chakravarthy s/o Marishetty Prakash Rao, 41-years, Perika, Landlord r/o H.No. 1-1-534/1, 1st Floor, Bakaram, Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad

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