Sunday, January 18, 2015

Japan is Most Popular Travel Destination for Asians

Japan has emerged the most popular vacation destination in 2015 for travelers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China in a poll of travel habits in Asia-Pacific.

In a new survey by Travelzoo, which publishes travel deals around the world, 56 percent of Taiwanese respondents said they plan to visit Japan in 2015.
Nearly half of travelers from Hong Kong (49 percent) also said they have their travel sights booked on Japan, as did 40 percent of respondents from mainland China.
For the survey, 4,300 Travelzoo members in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan were polled in November last year.
Australians, it seems, will explore their own country this year with 50 percent of respondents naming Oz as their top vacation destination.
And the US ranked the top destination in 2015 for Japanese travelers.
The survey also revealed that the Chinese will travel the most, taking an average of 6.4 leisure trips in 2015 and spending an average of $8,558 USD.
And while Australian members will travel the least, taking 3.8 trips this year, they will spend the most, dishing out $10,483 on travel this year.
That could be explained by the fact that the US and the UK are the second and third most popular destinations -- expensive long-haul trips for Aussies down under.
Here’s the breakdown of top destinations by markets:
Australia, 50%
USA 34%
UK 29%
USA 38%
Japan 28%
Italy 22%
Japan 40%
USA 31%
New Zealand 27%
Hong Kong
Japan 49%
Australia 31%
South Korea 28%
Japan 56%
Switzerland 22%
Italy 20%

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