Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Words on LinkedIn profile That May Kill Your Hiring Chances

Passionate' is the most overused term this year by Indian professionals in profiles on LinkedIn while 'motivated' was the most commonly used word globally last year.

The findings are part of professional networking site LinkedIn's latest annual list of the most overused words and phrases on the professional network site.
LinkedIn has more than 300 million members across the world with at least 28 million in India.
Apart from being 'passionate', LinkedIn members in India have also used terms like 'dynamic', 'creative', 'responsible' and 'motivated' extensively to strengthen their work profile.
Other words used extensively are 'innovative', 'extensive experience', 'expert', 'analytical' and 'good knowledge'.
Further, 'creative' was the buzz word among marketing professionals, while 'strategic' was overused by persons in sales.
Globally, 'motivated' followed by 'passionate' emerged as the buzz words most often used by professionals.
'Creative", "driven", "extensive experience", "responsible", "strategic", "track record", "organizational" and "expert" were among other top 10 listed words.

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