Wednesday, May 09, 2012


In a move that is likely to affect the operations of Sakshi newspaper and Sakshi television, the CBI on Tuesday got the authorities of State Bank of India and Oriental Bank of Commerce to freeze the accounts belonging to these companies owned by YSRCongress president Jaganmohan Reddy as part of its probe into the assets case it is probing.

The accounts that were frozen were those ofJagati Publications, publishers of Sakshi newspaper, Indira Television, which airs Sakshi TV news channel, and Janani Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, which provides logistics and infrastructure to Sakshi newspaper and TV. All operations of these accounts have been frozen until further notice and the banks were directed to confirm the action on the CBI notices including the details of the accounts and the amounts that are deposited in it and the transactions that they carried out.

In the notices issued to the two banks under section 102 of the CrPC, CBI SP and chief investigating officer H Venkatesh charged that Jagan's firms, Jagathi, Indira and Janani have been maintaining accounts in these banks and parked the ill-gotten proceeds of crime received from various sources under the guise of funds for conducting business.

Swiftly reacting to the development, Jagan said: "I expected this move from the CBI long ago. Without proving anything against me, the CBI is trying to kill the freedom of the press and democratic values in the country. But it cannot stop Sakshi and Sakshi TV for doing its job. They have already secured public support in a big way. The people will teach a lesson to all the forces behind this act."

Sakshi newspaper and TV too condemned the CBI's action. "This is nothing but attack on the freedom of the press.

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Anonymous said...

Please note, here Media is not freezed but the illegal property is freezed. unfortunately, media is behind that illegal property. Don't take this as advantage and start fault message into the innocent voters and try to grap votes.


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